Latest poker faq

Are there slot machines on iPhones?

Among the most popular bitcoin casino games that people are playing online are the iphone slots. These are slot machine games that people can play directly on their iPhones. They do not need to download any apps from the app store. The games can be played directly in an internet browser.

How safe are multi-table tournaments?

Multi-table tournaments are extremely safe. A lot of people are concerned about cash games, where a lot of people will be working together on the same table. Every online poker site has software in order to detect this and identify when people play together. However seating in any online poker tournament is random. In addition to the starting seat, a player will be moved to different tables and hence the play is extremely random.

Are there any fees associated to withdrawing funds from online poker sites?

At the same time as most online poker rooms offer free withdrawal service, some poker rooms charge a nominal fee, as low as $1. In most cases, you will be charged if you request a physical check instead of a bank transfer. Checks have to be created and mailed, in accordance to the speed you choose. Based on those expenses, you may perhaps have to pay $5 or $10.

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Can I enter free rolls without making a deposit?

Freerolls are tournaments where the tournament fee or the buy-in is $0. The poker room always guarantees the prizes for these tournaments. The prize money does not change since there are no re-buys or add-ons available. For the most part, players who have made a deposit are invited to participate in freeroll tournaments. However, a few poker rooms do host tournaments for all players. The qualification requirements may differ from one room to another. Therefore, you must always do your own research before getting started. Here is two sites where you can find different clients that offer casino and poker: and


How do I transfer money from one online poker site to another?

For an instance, if you have $100 in one poker site and you wish to move the amount to another site. There is no direct way to transfer your funds from one poker room to another. However, you can use the online wallets such as “Neteller” or “Moneybookers”. These sites are safe and can be used on most poker rooms to deposit or withdraw funds. You can withdraw the funds with any of these online wallets and use the money to deposit another poker account.

Deposits are quite instant, why do withdrawals take a lot of time with online poker sites?

While withdrawing funds from online poker sites, these sites usually verify the withdrawals. This is to prevent unauthorized withdrawals, in case if there are any fraudulent requests. The online poker sites take sometime to verify the transactions, so that the user can cancel it in case if they decide to change their mind.

Why are pop-up windows asking for my personal information at times?

Online bots occasionally infests online poker sites. These bots will invade the game and can change the outcome of the game. Quite a few times, these bots can access your gaming information and save it in an external server. Therefore, online poker sites will often check for your identification, so as to ensure that there is a human playing on the other side of the computer. Hence, you must always enter the information asked on the pop-up.

Why do I experience problems or delays while logging into an online poker table?

Quite a few times, a lot of players are waiting to get on to the same time. This creates a lot of traffic on the poker sites and hence you may experience delays or problems while getting into an online poker table. It would be suggestive to wait for a few minutes and then try again.

How can you enter WSOP?

There are various ways to enter into WSOP, as listed below:

1)   You can get a direct entry when you pay for the buy-in (Joe Hachem became the champion in WSOP 2005 and he made it to the final event by paying a $10,000 buy-in.

2)   You can also qualify through the online poker rooms. For the most part, online poker rooms will have such promotions where the winners get a direct entry into larger poker tournaments.


My computer slows down while playing online poker, what should I do?

First of all, you must check the site requirements before you get started with an online poker site. Your system must be set up to handle the site load. Once your system is updated, you must shut down other programs, which are likely to drain your resources. Close the programs that you don’t need.

How to start gambling online

There is a first time for everythinh. So is with online gambling. For someone who never tried online casinos before it is important to know some basic rules that can help them find their way in the world of online gambling.

First of all make sure the laws applicable in your country allow you to play casino games online. Some countries, like Australia, have secure online casinos in Australia a restrictive legal system that restricts online gambling. Also, make sure you have the legal age to be allowed to gamble online – usually 18 years will do.

First of all, you need to understand what an online casino is. Well, an online casino is just like its real life counterpart, only it’s on the internet. You can access it through your browser. Usually, to be able to play you have to download and install software on your computer, but there are some that allow you to play directly online.

Downloading and installing casino software usually takes a short time, up to 15 minutes. After installing, the software offers you superior graphics and sound – an immersive experience.

Which casino to choose? That’s up to you. Usually online casino service providers are serious, and casinos are considered to be safe. Still, it’s a wise choice to read some reviews on specialized web sites and forums be able to choose the right casino for you. There are several web sites out there full of reviews, user experiences and ratings about online casinos. Be sure to do your homework to be able to avoid fake sites or crooks that are after your money or personal information.

After you choose the right online casino, registered, downloaded and installed the software they provide, it’s time to start playing. Makes sense – you wouldn’t have gone throuhg all that reading, choosing, downloading and installing for the fun of it.
If you are a beginner in online gambling, you should choose games that are considered easy – don’t start with craps, choose slots or blackjack instead. Most online casinos offer some credits after registering – you can use that to get used to the games before depositing real money.

What are the online poker etiquettes?

While playing online poker games, you must ensure that you maintain a few poker etiquettes. To begin with, you must not ask for email addresses or give out yours. This can get you barred from online poker site. Secondly, you must never complain about slower players since the delay could be a result of poor connection as well. You must never collude. For an instance, never raise a friend or use another account to raise yourself. This would eliminate the third person from the table but you can get in trouble since the website detectives are watching you. Lastly, you must never attempt to create extra accounts since this can lead to a dismissal of all your accounts.

Is it easy to cheat with online poker?

Cheating is possible with anything if you are actually determined to do, including online poker. Individuals who choose to collude with online poker should know that there is a higher risk of being caught. Reputed online poker websites have high-tech tracking software, which monitors every game and every player. Hence, if you believe that a player is guilty of collusion, you can report them to the online poker room and an investigation would take place to sort things out.


What happens if the Poker Site crashes during online games or tournaments?

Site crashes are extremely rare since these poker sites are hosted on reputed servers and are maintained regularly. In addition, most online poker rooms are equipped with the latest security measures; hence site crashes are very unusual. On the other hand, every poker site has different rules to deal with disconnections.

For an instance, as soon as you choose to participate in a tournament, you would accept the risk of internet disconnection as a player. A few players in the past have experienced problems with the connection between the poker site servers and their computer. Most poker rooms would not take any responsibility in the online poker tournament unless there is a server crash or a problem with their technical platform. However, if you have progressed to the final stages of the tournament, most reputed poker rooms would make an effort to protect the players by allotting some extra time to reconnect. If you are disconnected during a hand, poker site systems are likely to fold your hand.



What should you look for in a good online poker site?

There are hundreds of poker sites on the internet and newer sites are being introduced on a daily basis. In order to find that perfect site, you would have to discriminate between all these existing sites. In your quest to find the perfect poker site, there are certain key criteria you must be aware of. Once you understand these criteria you would be able to use them for your selection process.

Free Poker

In case if you are looking to play online poker for recreational purposes, you must look for a site that allows free plays. A majority of poker rooms today also cater to free players. You are not required to make a real money deposit here.

Web Based Vs Download Casinos

Several online poker rooms require you to download some poker client software in your computer system in order to access them. If you are not comfortable in downloading such software, you can look  for poker rooms that have alternate web based interfaces. Such a way, the players can access the room from their web browsers. Although software installs are known to run faster than the web browsers, there is always a risk of installing unwanted spyware or adware with these downloads. If you are concerned about the speed of your poker rooms, you must select the local software installations whereas if you are concerned about the safety of your computer system or cannot afford the space required for software installation, you must choose the web based poker site.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

In case if you are planning to play poker with real money, you must consider the methods of deposit or withdrawal supported by the poker site. Most of these poker sites allow deposits through credit cards, which is the most preferred choice of players. In addition, the sites also allow the use of ACH transfer, bank transfer, wire transfer and checks from banks. Some poker sites also support third party e-wallets, which act as intermediaries between the poker site and banking institutions. Before you choose to play on a poker site, you must check on the deposit or withdrawal methods supported. You must also check if it is legal to fund poker sites in your region as well as the e-wallet fees involved.

Game variety, locale restrictions, support methods and bonuses/promotions are also a few things that help you choose a good poker site. It is essential to do some basic research before you get started with your poker site.


What is the difference between one poker site to another?

In the recent time, a lot of online poker sites are available on the internet. Online sites allow people to play poker from the comfort of their home and still have the same experience as the real casino. Considering the ever increasing demand, newer poker sites are being introduced on a daily basis. There are different kinds of online poker sites and if you wish to select the best from the lot, you must know your own preferences. Online poker sites differ in terms of the games offered, the variations offered, the deposit methods, the withdrawal methods, bonuses, promotions, software, audience, minimum requirements, features as well as chat interfaces. Therefore, you must select the site that best suits your gaming needs.